Louise Adelaide is a web 2.0 net trash Sagicorn multimedia artist, curator, illustrator, writer, photographer, game designer, and events organizer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Her main areas of research involve gender, technology, trauma, and digital space. She has given dumb talks about gender and technology at events such as State of Play and EarGoat.

She is a co-curator and founding member of all girl all the time net art collective Bunny Collective. She has both curated and exhibited work in multiple gallery shows across Ireland as well as live audio-visual performances for events such as the Cork Film Festival.

Currently she is studying a MSc in Creative Digital Media at Dublin Institute of Technology focusing on Game Design.

She is available to talk, exhibit, illustrate, write, host a workshop, or just chat basically all the time.

e-mail: louise.adelaide.mckeown@gmail.com
twitter: @gothdome